Opening up communication channels through blogs

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Introduction to Corporate Blogs

Brand blogging is quite simply creating a blog that is dedicated to a company, service, or product, although the exact execution can be done in a number of ways. A brand’s blog has a corporate representative who manages the content, but writer or writers can be members of the company, freelancers employed by the company, or customers who are loyal to the company or its products. Brand blogging is just another tool that can be used to stimulate conversation and increase the company’s presence on the web. Companies can use blogs in a variety of different ways, such as having a free standing one, or integrating one into their main website and offering it as a feature where they publish information about the company or upcoming products.

Budget Requirements for Blogging

The cost of setting up and manage and a blog can vary between inexpensive and free, or can cost a great deal, depending on how many resources are available. Professional bloggers can be hired for a reasonable price, or if there is someone in the company with good writing skills, they can be assigned to keep up the blog. If your idea is to invite customers to write about their experiences, then perhaps the only cost would be perhaps free product, or discounts on future purchases.

Time frame to See Results from Blogs

The time needed to start a blog is very little. Sites like Wordpress and offer templates that can be put together in a matter of minutes. Updating the blog should be done regularly, typically a couple of times per week at least. A longer time is needed for readership to grow, however.

Action Plan

If you already have a website, then certainly you also have a hosting service. Oftentimes, these services offer blogging software. If not, then creating an account with Wordpress or can have you up and running with a blog in just minutes. A brand blog should be updated regularly, and the content should be useful and interesting. You can use your blog to discuss new product lines, interesting and novel ways to use a product, and tell experiences others have had using it. A brand blog is also a great place to discuss corporate events, mission statements, and give employee and management profiles so that customers can get to know the people behind the products.

Continue to Part II: Corporate Blogging for Branding»

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