Developing Strong Branding By Open Dialog

Techniques to Build Blog Popularity

  • Credibility and usable content are the keys to having a successful blog. The writing should be in a style that both matches the ideas and goals of the company, yet serves to keep interest high. Criticizing the competition or other brands or people will likely have the opposite desired effect, and may drive readers away.

  • Blogs are great places to include video, graphics, audio, and other forms of multimedia. Including commercial outtakes, interviews, and the like can help give readers a ‘behind the scenes’ look at how the company works.

  • Targeting is a more efficient way to reach customers who are already interested in similar subjects. Although paying per impression, or paying a set amount just for a certain number of times your banner shows up, is cheaper, it is less accurate, and your ad will show up on sites that may be unrelated to your product.

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