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Introduction to Blog Submission

Blog directories are sites which offer categorized links to many blogs on a number of topics. Directory submitters are programs, individuals, or companies which submit your blog to a number of directories which allow more exposure for your blog, more traffic, and will give you many more links to your page, which result in higher page rankings. Manual submission and software both have their advantages and disadvantages, so it is important to understand the differences and to know what it is that you want to accomplish through a directory submission campaign.

Typical Cost for Getting Blog Listed in Directories

Manual submission companies typically charge per certain number of submissions. $25 per 100 directory submissions is a reasonable rate, and freelancers can be found for similar prices, if not cheaper, depending on what kind of deal is negotiated. Submission software can be purchased for less that $100.

Why Use Software Program?

While having your blog listed with different directories is a very useful and easy way to gain readers and make money, it is also a time consuming process. Submission software allows users to go through and click on which directories and RSS feeds they want to submit to, and then with the press of a mouse button, create a link from that service to their blog. This software also allows users to create a short description of their blog, as well as a category, such as ‘automobiles’ or ‘computers’ in which the blog will be located in the directory.

Continue to Part II: Listing Blog in Directories»

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