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Quick Introduction for Marketers New To Online Marketing

B2B stands for business to business advertising, and is a form of advertising that is geared more towards selling to corporate or business buyers rather than to individual consumers. An example of B2B advertising would be for a telecommunications company to advertise its cell phones to corporate or small businesses, rather than individuals. B2B is also known as institutional sales.

Resource Investment for Effective Campaigns

Advertising costs can range the gamut depending on the budget that is allowed. Some print publications can charge very high rates for big color layouts that can cost tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. Electronic or internet advertising can equally be expensive depending on which websites and how complex and thorough you want the campaign to be. Basically as much as little can be spent on a B2B advertising campaign as is available or desired.

Time Commitment

Advertising online is quick and relatively painless when compared to creating an ad to be published in a trade journal or magazine. Getting a B2B ad online can be done in just a few hours or a few days, while in a magazine or other print publication will require waiting sometime to see the results. Depending on how often it goes to press, you could be waiting days or weeks to see the results.

Suggested Approach

In B2B advertising, one of the most important keys to being successful is information. Knowing your customer and his needs is as important as understanding your product and what it can do. Understanding the corporate culture of your client and creating an advertising campaign directed at him should work to open the sales dialogue, not close it. Designing a creative and attractive ad will go a long way towards demonstrating your product and its benefits. Bringing in outside advice to help with the campaign can bring a fresh perspective and help avoid group thinking.

Continue to Part II: B2B Advertising Techniques Guide»

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