B2B Advertising Blue Print for Online Marketers

Tips and tactics for best ROI

  • Adding bullet points to outline your product or company’s advantages and uses, or just generally finding a way to make the text of the ad easy to read, will help readers better understand where you are coming from and see the benefits of what you offer.

  • Testimonial ads are powerful ways to show real-life examples of how your products have impacted others and how other businesses have grown and prospered with them.

  • Talking directly to the reader and make the ad personal by saying “our company” and “we” and address the reader as “you” and “your needs.” Responses will be greater and readers will already feel comfortable.

  • Cross-referencing is always recommended. If you are running a print ad, ask readers to visit your website for further information, and on your website, ask them to look out for your ads in industry publications. Mentioning this will plant the seed for readers to be on the lookout for your company in the marketplace and will let them know that you do have a presence in several different mediums.

  • The most effective B2B ads typically focus on the needs of the reader, rather than the company or its products. By focusing on the reader and letting him know that your company understands his business and what problems he faces, you set up empathy between the two which can become the basis for a good working relationship.

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