Audio Ads for Spreading Word in the Market

Introduction to Audio Advertising

Audio advertising remains primarily a radio-based marketing form, as the Internet has virtually skipped audio advertising and moved straight on to video. About the only places online that one can place audio ads are on Internet radio stations, and even these exist based on the principle that the problem with FM and AM stations is too much advertising. Thus the only real way to successfully use audio advertising is through the traditional radio methods. Google has recently gotten into this medium in an attempt to offer low price advertising, although the ads are still very traditional. Some companies offer programs where users can record an ad over the telephone and then paid to have it broadcast on certain websites, but this method has not caught on yet.

Costs Associated with Audio Ad Campaigns

Advertising on the radio is an expensive proposition with costs approaching advertisements in major city in newspapers. This obviously can be a very expensive campaign thus leaving smaller businesses out.

Time Investment for Audio Ads

Audio advertising doesn’t require very much time to produce and ad, perhaps a day or two in the studio to record, and a few days for the station to work the ad into their rotation.

Execution Plan for Audio Ad Campaigns

Since this type of advertising is a more traditional one, more traditional production means are needed. Although it is possible to produce an ad using merely a laptop computer, typically what is needed is a script and a sound studio to mix and edit the advertisement. Once this is completed, you will then have to find a station or show on which to broadcast the advertisement. Website owners can install audio ads on their sites which play as soon as the page is opened, and can personally deliver a message to visitors, although this technique is not particularly popular, and its strangeness is occasionally shocking to the visitor. It is, however, unique and could be an interesting addition to a website, and done properly could make your site stand out.

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