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Introduction to AdWords

Using Google's AdWords advertising program is a powerful and low-cost way to make sure your ads are seen by people who are already searching for topics related to your business. In this service, advertisers create ads which appear alongside the results that are returned when someone searches for related keywords. Users can then click on your ad and go to your site. AdWords ads can also appear on other sites, which are members of Google's advertising program. The AdWords program offers users a variety of tools and analysis tools to help make sure that each advertiser is getting his money's worth, such as tracking tools, performance reports, and placement targeting functions to control where and when your ad is shown.

Cost for Running AdWords Campaigns

The beauty of an AdWords advertising campaign is that the user can set his budget each month and know exactly how much will be spent. Google uses the set amount until it expires and will not exceed this number. Furthermore, the company provides accurate traffic and cost estimates, so that users have a good idea of how much money is needed to run the campaign effectively for a month. Since the internet is a supply and demand market, keyword prices can vary a good deal depending on how popular they are. Generally speaking, the higher the interest in a keyword, the higher the price will be. Being creative and thorough with your analysis can save lots of money by allowing you to find words that are lower priced and which can still be highly effective. Another benefit is that advertisers only are charged when someone clicks on the ad.

Timeframe for Seeing Google Advertising Results

Once an advertiser enters his information and sets the limits for his account, the AdWords ads can start showing up quickly, normally within a couple of days. The campaign should be carried out for at least a month before changes are made. At any time, the parameters can be tweaked, budgets increased or decreased, and the text of the ads changed. At least a month should be given after each major change to determine its success or failure.

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