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Activity Plan for Your AdWords Advertising

Before embarking on an AdWords campaign, some time should be spent analyzing keywords and determining spending limits, as well as coming up with a campaign strategy. Should you spend your budget on a varied selection of medium-searched keywords, or go after one or two of the more popular ones. (Incidentally, for those just starting out, going after lower priced keywords is better, as it is increasingly hard to compete with the bigger, better funded sites for the more popular terms). Google makes it easy to change the parameters of the campaign at any time, and it takes most advertisers some trial and error to come up with a winning strategy. Choosing keywords is one of the most important aspects of any campaign, and there are plenty of free software programs to help pick the most highly searched and reasonably priced ones.

Tips For Better Yield from AdWords

  • Beginners and advertisers with smaller budgets should avoid using Google's broad matching feature at first. Starting out with highly targeted keywords is a more efficient way to reach those customers you want, and to keep Google from spreading your ads to people with only tangential interest in your words.
  • Running several ads at once is a great way to test different campaigns at the same time. The ones that are working should be kept going and invested in further, and the ads which don't return many conversions should be halted.
  • Set your budget, stick to it, and give it time to work. Sometimes keywords will spike for a day or two and then fade into oblivion, so give them time to work, a week or two at least, and then compare all the campaigns.
  • Always look for new ideas and new campaigns. Advertising is a fluid market and standing pat is a sure way to sink in the rankings.

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