Visitor Path Tracking and Funnel Analysis

Simple Tips and Tactics

  • Checking periodically to make sure your site, or the other sites linking to your have not been blacklisted is a good form of maintenance to assure that your site's ranking is not being compromised by poor quality from partners.
  • Email marketing is another powerful form of online selling, but with spam becoming such a problem, many email providers are coming up with stronger filters which can send you ads to the bulk folder, even though the recipient may be on your list. Using ad tracking software can help determine which emails have been delivered, and to which box, and can also tell if the recipient has opened or acted on your email (such as clicking on a link).

Additional Tools Useful for Your Ad Campaigns

  • Blacklist monitor
  • ROI tracking software
  • Email tracking software
  • Email delivery monitor
  • Ecommerce solutions

Reference Links on Ad Tracking

  • offers a product line of tracking programs to help developers, business owners, and webmasters track email marketing and advertising campaigns of all sizes
  • offers an ad tracking software solution, designed to follow click activity from the beginning click, all the way through to the final sale
  • is an ad tracking software solution designed to boost and enhance Google's AdSense advertising program

Alternative Ideas for Your Campaigns

Email marketing is an extremely powerful online marketing technique which can allow marketers to speak directly to their customers by sending ezines, newsletters, and other promotional items directly to people who have signed up for mailing lists. In order to assure that your email marketing campaign is running as efficiently as possible, a number of tools are available to help with the process. Newsletter templates, bulk email sending software, and delivery monitors are all tools to help ease the work load of this process, and to assure that your messages are delivered to and read by as many people as possible.

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