Ad Peformance Evaluation and Optimization

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Quick Start on Ad Tracking Solutions

Ad tracking solutions should be integral parts of any serious online advertiser's arsenal, and are programs that allow users to measure their ad campaigns as well as email marketing campaigns, via real time results, tracking services, and more. These tools allow users to identify where their traffic is coming from, which means that it is possible to test your advertising and affiliate programs and to determine which are the real producers, and to make sure that you are getting what you are paying for by comparing the results between the metrics provided by advertising sites, and those provided by your ad tracking solution provider.

Costs and Skills Required for Effective Use of Ad Tracking

Anyone with the skill level to open and manage an online marketing campaign, such as Google's AdWords, an affiliate marketing program, or an email marketing campaign, should be able to easily understand and use the majority of ad tracking solutions. Most of these programs come with installation wizards to help users set up and get started with these tools.

Marketer's Checklist for Selecting Solution

  • Online ad response rate
  • Open rate and click through rate
  • Lead to sales conversion ratio
  • ROI for each ad campaign
  • PPC results confirmation
  • Free trial
  • Tracks online ads and email ads

Reference Usage Details

Ad tracking services should be able to be fully integrated into most every online advertising company's programs. These services can also be franchised out to your partners and clients, where they can be provided with their own log-in codes and passwords, so that they also can log in and check the various results from partner sites. Depending on the suite of features that is included in your ad tracking solutions package, your package may include desktop tools which allow users to create, manage, and send email marketing campaigns. These tools are typically easy to use and manage, and can allow users to send unlimited email marketing campaigns.

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