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What is Ad:Tech?

Ad:tech is a worldwide digital conference which takes place each year with 11 shows in 7 countries. The conference, which has been taking place for over a decade, features keynote speakers who are among the leaders in the corporate digital technology world, workshops, exhibits, panel discussions, and more. Each year the conference is attended by online publishers, media buyers, managers, brand advertisers, technology providers, and CEOs, and CMOs. The conference takes place in Sydney, Paris, San Francisco, Miami, Singapore, Chicago, London, Beijing, New York, and Shanghai. The conference provides outlets for people from all corners of the digital world to come together and network, exchange ideas, opinion, and demonstrate new products.

Relevance of Ad:Tech for Online Marketers

Ad:tech is free to the public to come and view exhibitions, see new technology, and test upcoming products. People who do business of all sizes on the web can participate in the seminars, meet peers, brainstorm ideas, and generally stay ahead of the competition by seeing what new products and trends are on the horizon. CEOs, corporate presidents and vice presidents, and experts and industry leaders from across the corporate world come to share their experiences and give their perspectives on the industry, while also drawing attention to their companies and products. Ad:tech is an exciting and extremely useful place where industry fanatics and workers can come to meet, network, and trade ideas about the past, present, and future of the technology and internet business.

Who Should Attend Ad:Tech?

Anyone interested in the technology industry. The fair is free to visitors, and industry professionals and corporate entities can rent floor space to demonstrate their products and services. Professionals can use the event to boost their corporate identity, while casual observers can come to browse, learn, and attend the seminars, floor shows, and demonstrations.

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