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Social Loyalty

Customers love to share and celebrate their activities across many social networks. Encouraging dedicated loyalty through social recognition, bonuses on social referrals, and relevant and fun social media notifications are the central features of our social approach to loyalty programs. Whether a loyalty reward is recognition, items of value, or an experience your customers will never forget, publicly announcing and sharing rewards solidifies a long-term relationship.

Widgets and Plugins

With our loyalty program’s mash-up widgets and single sign-on plugins, you can easily integrate order tracking, loyalty points summary views, store credits, reward gift cards, and loyalty program reward notifications directly within your current shopping flow and user accounts, without any special programming from your IT team. You will be able to define and optimize loyalty program offers, rewards, promotions, and notifications that match the interests of your customers.

Smart Auto Responders

We realize that the success of a loyalty program is as much about getting your customers excited about rewards and savings as it is about being able to tailor your marketing promotions to your users' profiles. From triggers based on purchases and missed purchases to activities directed towards special promotions, NextBee will help you configure and deliver compelling automatic messages for your loyalty program that will inspire your customers to action.

Customer Engagement

Engaging and fun with great rewards - that's how your loyalty program users will describe their experience. For us, loyalty is about inspiring feelings of delight and joy in your customers so they remember their experiences with you, and are even driven to share those experiences with friends and family, through either informal conversations or social media posts. These are activities that generate the only success metric that really counts in a loyalty rewards program - sales.

Your Customer Loyalty Program
+ NextBee's PACE Methodology
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Customer Loyalty Program

When loyalty is the strategic focus for a brand - NextBee is the platform of choice for its ability to track loyalty metrics for both sales and advocacy, reward option integration into shopping carts and subscriptions, personalized offers for the program members, and 24x7 available support.

PACE Methodology

We know that every product, service, and user base is unique. What is needed is not some marketing gimmick that will work in the short term but a method of approaching users that will carry you through nearly any scenario. This is why we have designed the PACE Methodology.

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