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Engaging and Motivating

Unlike one-time guaranteed payouts for affiliates that incentivize quantity of leads over quality, SaaS integration gains traction and realizes revenue from accounts over time. Considering these unique dynamics, we have built a specialized suite of features that enable you to track every activity of your affiliates, award credits for staying active in your programs, offer bonus and tiered rewards, and provide social recognition to help you recruit more affiliates and engage them.

Smart Triggers

Our incentive rule engine provides completely customized configuration and is programmable to monitor any set of user activity. Visiting pages, submitting a quote request, starting a trial, placing a phone call, and even your sales agent updating a specific field in your CRM system can all be tracked and rewarded. This enables you to offer users incentives based on objective criteria that you define and that are associated with these activities.

Cost-Effective Rewards

As a pure ‘Software as a Service’ platform, we do not charge a percentage or assign any type of extra fee for the payouts you make as rewards and commissions. You also remain completely free to choose any reward options from any vendor. This means that you can build your own rewards catalog and payment mode for cash rewards. With our tiered rewards structure, you are always able to reduce the net effective cost of the rewards for your program.

Social Media Integration

NextBee’s advanced social media integration helps you catapult your incentives scheme. Our system can help you spread the word about your promotions quickly and it makes the program simple for your users to celebrate their successes. Social media engagement can create enormous positive peer pressure among existing program users, leading to strong engagement while also improving accessibility for both new and pre-existing users.

Your Affiliate Program Solution
+ NextBee's PACE Methodology
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Affiliate Program Solution

NextBee helps manage some of the most ROI-positive affiliate commission programs with incentives based on tracking multi-step sales processes (leads, quotes, trial, sales) and where offers include both one time or recurring tiered incentives, all while keeping the programs social, fun and rewarding for all participants.

PACE Methodology

We know that every product, service and user base is unique. What is needed is not some marketing gimmick that will work in the short term but a method of approaching users that will carry you through nearly any scenario. This is why we have designed the PACE Methodology.

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