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NextBee delivers upsell and bundling opportunities with data-driven upgrade offers and value bundles



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Simple yet Engaging

There are no long forms for your users to fill out to gain access to product bundles and upsell items. They won't even need to leave the page. Simply render our script tags so information about your customers and their purchases can be easily captured, making it simple to offer discounts and cash back for purchases of specific product combinations. Customer rewards and discounts will always be integrated with your shopping cart or billing statements.

Privacy Control

NextBee's multi-tenant configuration ensures that your customers' data is in its own silo within our system. Even when the same users share their profile information with more than one of our clients, we include only the data that is shared by the users with each particular site. Users have full control over data and can request its purging at any time. NextBee constantly reviews its data retention policies and procedures and regularly exceeds all standards.

Custom Data Feeds

We realize that the value of data is not just the information packed within it. It is also not the aggregate analysis you can run on such data. Instead, the true value lies in the actionable data feeds that are specific to your customers. This is data you can use to go beyond standard software features, create and analyze specific offers, personalize messages to users, and even assist in the handling of customer service queries.

Immediate Results

With targeted discount offers to past buyers, both on the order confirmation page, as well as through email notifications based on their purchase preferences, you can start getting significant uptick in your revenue from day one. As you collect more data and run tests with different sales bundles and upsell offers, your yield from these upsell promotions and bundle promotions will only improve.

Your Upsell and Bundling
+ NextBee's PACE Methodology
= Success

Upsell and Bundling

NextBee powers some of the most optimized upsell and bundling programs by building a federated database of customer shopping profiles to serve personalized offers based on purchase history and advocacy score.

PACE Methodology

We know that every product, service, and user base is unique. What is needed is not some marketing gimmick that will work in the short term but a method of approaching users that will carry you through nearly any scenario. This is why we have designed the PACE Methodology.

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