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Data Advantage

By tying your promotional offers to real-time transactions, or activity attributes and historical customer profiles, you deliver the special offers your customers really want, and only at the discount levels necessary to get you additional sales. NextBee's rule engine enables you to deliver these offers through in-page overlays, dedicated microsites, and social media apps, as well as through email and SMS messages. Your special offers are personalized to your customers and delivered through an optimized format, channel, and time.

Offers that Excite

To get that high-octane energy boost for all your special promotions, go beyond simple coupon offers by enabling your customers to receive tiered points rewards, special customer membership levels, cash back, in store credits, virtual goods, "happy-hour" discounts, brand/category specific discounts, free or discounted upgrades, group deals, and much more. You can even integrate redeemable credits for third party merchants such as Starbucks, iTunes, or Amazon.

Scalable Infrastructure

As you collect more and more interaction data and segment your customers, you will soon need to crunch millions of data points. Our platform, hosted on Amazon's AWS infrastructure, is built from the ground up to make sure that NextBee will always keep pace with your demands, deliver, and never break down throughout your journey. As you scale up continually with your promotional offers, so will our support for you. You can trust our solution always to be the most reliable and scalable solution available to you.

Central Control

Customer-centric special offers do not have to be the "Wild West" of marketing. With NextBee, automating your offers and coupons does not mean losing control of your ROI, or your image as a premium brand. All aspects of the promotions - including access, message, interface and incentives - can be centrally controlled by you at all times and strictly executed based on the rules you configure. Plus, you have an overall view of your promotions, open rates, and ROI, readily available to you at all times.

Your Smart Offers Engine
+ NextBee's PACE Methodology
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Smart Offers Engine

NextBee is an end-to-end Smart Offers Engine solution to offer special deals and close sales with multi-channel deployment (social, email, mobile, and tele-sales) optimized for use by distributed sales team and franchise owners.

PACE Methodology

We know that every product, service, and user base is unique. What is needed is not some marketing gimmick that will work in the short term but a method of approaching users that will carry you through nearly any scenario. This is why we have designed the PACE Methodology.

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