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NextBee delivers a fun, interactive, social engagement blitz
which is as unique and refreshing as your offering

Zero IT Effort

All our gamification widgets are branded and optimized for both context and interaction flow of your gaming audience. With our JavaScript tags, tracking pixels, and iFrames, your IT team will not have to write any new code in support of your gamification program. Our mash-up tags will pull in the information of all logged-in users from your site, and even personalize the widgets for each individual. All you have to do is to place tags similar to those used by our web analytics solutions.

360-Degree Engagement

Our social gamification focus is not just on the Facebook posts and comments that users leave. We also track the purchases, product reviews, any surveys they participate in, the promotional emails they open, referrals they make, the number of friends they get to your site, and even the amount of times they visit your store. Furthermore, as long as users authorize profile access to their social network accounts, we can even monitor their affinity towards your brand from their social media posts.

Rewards that Excite

At NextBee, we've gone far beyond basic A/B testing with our gamification program with variable rewards incentives. Give your users the choice to select rewards from a variety of options you make available, and structure the gamification rewards in different tiers so that users have the incentive to climb higher up the ladder to choose the rewards they want most. You can easily build a gamification rewards catalog that includes your site coupons, third-party gift cards, charity donations, and even cherished souvenirs.

Rich Set of Tools

With single sign-on integration, mobile friendly html5 widgets, tracking pixels, persistent cookies, support for POS system APIs, Twitter search APIs, and Facebook Graph APIs, we can track and reward users for their gamification activities without any constraint on the mode or channel of engagement. With your ability to configure vote-based competitions, photo uploads, photo galleries, quizzes, and much more, we guarantee gamification features will surpass your engagement metrics expectations.

Your Gamification Platform
+ NextBee's PACE Methodology
= Success

Gamification Platform

NextBee's gamification platform is the platform of choice, delivering widgets for social sharing, following, quizzes and galleries, with tiered rewards optimized for game dynamics and cross-channel sales, and user profile metrics for ROI tracking, along with support all along the way.

PACE Methodology

We know that every product, service, and user base is unique. What is needed is not some marketing gimmick that will work in the short term but a method of approaching users that will carry you through nearly any scenario. This is why we have designed the PACE Methodology.

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