Customer Retention

Custom metrics and APIs define to track member engagement
Pro-active triggers, auto responders and offers
Incentives for reps to guarantee adoption
24/7 support from technical account managers
Our Customers
Finally, a solution that revolves around your needs
Built Around Key Motivators for Program Participants
Use our easy-to-follow, in-app activity panel to make program adjustments that increase retention rate by demonstrating your interest in every users’ experience
Provide feedback and respond to it for any product, and generate custom responses focused on customer retention
Keep track of every customer’s place along their customer lifecycle and offer special discounts and rewards that encourage longevity
Provide a choice of rewards for successful engagement activities and keep your customers returning through recognition of what they want
Use your retention program to offer early access to new features and even seek out design input from key influencers and advocates
Reward positive behavior with auto-triggered engagement credits that activate when a user follows the suggested application usage
NextBee Reduces churn, improves the adoption of new features and enables you to take a pro-active approach
towards addressing customer satisfaction gaps

and Sticks

Rule Engine


and Play


This innovative approach towards customer retention creates conditions in which members may miss out on points, rewards and other special privileges if they do not achieve a set of engagement standards designed to encourage continual activity. The approach simultaneously sets-up the program user with opportunities to regularly win big rewards as long as they stay active. We have found this unique combination to be a powerful driver for changing inactive member behavior.

NextBee recognizes that just as your application is unique, so are your standards of engagement for your customer retention program. As a representative example, it could be that your engagement metrics have an inverse correlation with how often your users make use of certain resources. The NextBee rule engine can track all such activities and map them to objective scores. The baked-in flexibility allows us to create a customer retention program focused on your specific needs.

It is often too late to save an account when a member requests cancellation. Our pro-active smart triggers means your account reps will get notifications when early indicators demonstrate a possible customer retention issue, such as when a user stops logging in to their account, ceases to regularly view the results of the activities, or faces issues with either products or services. We can even send out pre-set special retention offers to such members before they fall off the curve.

With our event-tracking APIs, data-reporting web services, client-side JavaScript tags, and property file-based business rule engines, your customer retention solution is seamlessly integrated into your products and services. You will not have to restructure or re-program any aspect of your products or services when integrating any of NextBee’s programs into your operations. Our modular, cloud-based design means we can always adapt to meet the challenges of your success.

All of our programs are designed with the realization that there still remain technological constraints to configurability and automation. This is why our baked-in analysis allows you to easily track the engagement metrics of your customer retention program users both at an aggregate level, to help drive product changes, and at the level of the individual user, to save particular accounts. This allows you to stay engaged effortlessly even when the retention module runs on auto-pilot.

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