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NextBee gets consumers talking about and buying your brand by putting you in the forefront of innovative marketing. Our leading results-driven marketing solutions keep you plugged-in, literally, to your consumer and membership base-anytime, anywhere. By leveraging cross channel marketing solutions from industry leader NextBee, you can turn word-of- mouth viral and get your brand noticed and bought.

We give you the tools you need to turn your customers into your most loyal advocates. NextBee marketing software allows you to reward your customers for referring your brand to their friends and family, become repeat shoppers with loyalty rewards, and generate buzz around your product launches and brand with exciting contests and sweepstakes. NextBee’s turnkey solutions will launch your brand into the spotlight with just one click.

Unleash your customer and member creativity across social media channels and targeted influencers with exciting Buzz Campaigns that generate dramatic increases in site traffic and make your brand the topic of the day. Your users and customers earn rewards for raving about your product and/or organization, creating a fun and impactful campaign just by talking about you and spreading the word. Start the buzz now!

Become the topic of conversation and watch your sales flourish through a robust and custom Refer-a-Friend Program. Your customers earn cash and prizes just for sharing your brand with their friends and family through email and social media. The more they share, the more they earn. The more they earn, the more they share. The more they share the more sales you get! Everyone wins! Get a head start on your referral sales now!

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