Customer Reviews

Build Customer Reviews Repository with NextBee's Feature Rich Reviews Module

Customer Reviews as a Sales Copy
User Ratings and Comments to Build Credibility of Your Offering
  • You decide what criteria (up to 5 of them) a user can assign a rating between 1 to 5 stars for your products.

  • Users can share reviews for more than one product at a time. Since, NextBee's reviews module can be integrated into your order confirmation page, you can ask users to rate product immediately after they purchase or integrate reviews functionality within user accounts so that they can rate all the products they ever purchased

  • You can monitor all reviews collected through the system and have full control over which ones are published and which ones are marked as SPAM. We do not get involved in your decision making process.

  • The reviews are embedded inside your pages (no popups and no frames). This gives you total control over presentation as well as all the benefits of search engine ranking.

  • On any given page you can show reviews for as many items as you like and have control over how many reviews are shown on each screen

  • Your users, affiliates, (and you) can publish these reviews through widgets, blogs, and social network profiles

  • All the reviewers have their own personal accounts, public profiles, and access to widgets enabling your site to seamlessly blend with the external social communities without affecting your branding.

  • As you start getting user generated reviews and your content rich review widgets get syndicated on other websites the resulting back links help shore up your ranking in Google and other search engines

  • With NextBee's loyalty points solution, you can offer users either reward points redeemable in coupons or cash for sharing reviews on your website.

  • Since, our solution uses client side JavaScript to collect and render reviews, our solution is compatible with every type of website - even websites built using frameworks such as Yahoo Merchant Solutions and eBay ProStores

Sign up now and get the customer reviews functionality on your website today. With our feature-rich platform, we are confident that we can satisfy virtually every requirement you might have for a customer reviews and testimonial solution on your website.

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