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Best Product Launch Campaigns

Launching a new product is very important and plays a critical role in deciding the success of the organization, because a wrong step from your end will land you up in a total failure of your new product and will dent the image of your brand in the market and increase the chances of losing your existing customers. That is the reason why most of the organizations use to create concrete plans before launching a new product. Creating a hype and curiosity amongst the users in the community is required to make sure that your product is going to rock. The main purpose of the best product launch campaigns is to spread the brand awareness get a continuous flow of the customers and thereby boosting up sales.

The important points towards getting success from the best product launch campaigns are:

1. Recruit more brand advocates to further spread the brand awareness in the community.

2. Increase brand goodwill in the most cost effective way.

3. Interactive programs to create curiosity amongst the customers.

4. Zero or less IT hassles.

With the aforesaid discussed points in mind, our referral marketing programs should be the perfect fit for your brand with the following important features like:

1. Our template engine provides a wide range of form factors for your widgets, from inline links and overlays to microsites and social media apps.

2. Embed NextBee’s branded promotion widgets in the context of your users’ transactions, and by matching the interaction flow on your website, you will get the best results for your campaign.

3. With our widgets, your users can import contacts, share referrals on social media networks, send messages to specific friends on Facebook, and get access to badges.

4. You can pre-populate and personalize messages, offers, and the interaction flow for your users.

Beyond our product it is about the service, we will do everything possible to have you the best results for your referral campaign. We have proven track record of success from the never ending list of successful and existing client’s base. You can request for more information by submitting your requirements here or can quickly give us a call at 1-800-547-1618 and fix a meeting with the experts who will take all possible steps to make sure that you get success with guaranteed results.

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