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Viral Promotion for ConstantContact

Now-a-days it is very important to stay connected with your existing customers; so that they can feel, the company is really thinking about them and that is the way where companies are getting loyal customers. We at NextBee can understand how important it is for your business to generate new leads and spread brand awareness. As a ConstantContact – email, event and social campaign user, you have unique requirements like: stay connected with your customers, clients, build strong relationship with the customers and insightful online surveys for the brand to grow. That’s why NextBee has built viral marketing promotion which will play a crucial role around your requirements.

Viral marketing software promotions have some of the unique features and modules like:

1.     ROI-positive marketing campaign that will generate an immediate revenue boost and transforms your relationship with your brand advocates.

2.            Programs that will build long lasting relationship with the customers.

3.            Solutions will help to get connected with the users.

4.            Help establishments with helpful customer feedback.

With NextBee’s viral marketing promotion, as a ConstantContact user, you will be able to do the following:

1.            Add invitations and social sharing options to go viral with interactive sweepstakes.

2.            Programs filled up with fun, interactive, social promotion blitz which is unique and refreshing.

3.          Host the sweepstakes entry forms on your Facebook page, your website, partner sites, kiosks in your stores, mobile applications, standard display ads units, social games, and even through printed promotion material.

4.           With the interface you can even access advanced event-tracking information such as drop-offs on your landing page, repeat visits, and hot-spots.

Beyond NextBee’s awesome products, team of experts will help you in every possible way to achieve your target in a short period of time. We provide you the most cost-effective viral marketing software solution with guaranteed results.

In a nutshell, if you are a ConstantContact – email, event and social campaign user and your goal is to build positive relationship with the customers and stay connected with the customers, then NextBee’s viral promotions will be the best deal for your industry. You can get more information by giving us a quick call at 1-800-547-1618 and get started with your promotion now.

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