Spread the Buzz with Viral Marketing Software


Spread your Brand Awareness with Viral Marketing Software


Viral marketing is not a new concept and was being used from decades, but with the utilization of internet, it has become a power-packed marketing tool. Organizations want to implement viral marketing programs in their existing advertising system so that they can start getting benefit. With the proper utilization of viral marketing by the brands, customers will not only spread the virus in their circle but also that will provide ample resource of continuous flow of the customers without spending additional time and money.


With NextBee’s viral marketing software brands can spread the buzz about their products and services even in the remote areas without additional pressure on the budget. There are many features and some of them are mentioned below:

1.      Catchy, compelling, cross-channel entry forms.

2.      Additional entries for users when their friends also enter.

3.      Configurable criteria for number and frequency of winners.

4.      Support to setup, promote, and monitor your campaigns.


Apart from NextBee’s product it is all about the quality service, we do every possible work to provide you the best results for your viral marketing campaign. Our expert professionals are working round the clock to provide you all the assistance for your queries. 

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