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It has become a craze to grow fans and followers for both individuals and the organizations. Organizations are opting for various programs so as to get rapid increase in their fans base in order to build strong relationship with the new customer base. Social media has become a must for most of the business organizations as a part of their internal marketing system. The main focus of VIP discount offer system is to build up email subscribers and new fan base to get quality traffic towards the site resulting in the increase of sales in a short period of time.

The important points towards getting success from VIP discount offers programs are:

1.            Attractive discount schemes to get the attention of large number of fans and customers.

2.            Offers must motivate the existing customers to stay with the brand for a longer time.

3.            Spread the buzz in the most cost effective way in the target market.

4.            Zero IT hassles.

With the above requirements and the market competition in mind, NextBee’s VIP club programs should be the perfect match for your industry with the following features like:

1.            Leverage the data of your customers’ social network profiles.

2.            Add invitations and social sharing options to go viral with interactive offers.

3.            Rapidly build a list of email subscribers and Facebook Fans.

4.            Get support for campaign setup and seed user acquisition.

Besides NextBee’s awesome products you can always rely on the quality service and we make sure you reach your desired goals. We have proven track record of success from our never ending list of satisfied client’s base. You can give us a quick call at 1-800-547-1618 and fix a meeting with our experts who will guide you throughout your campaign towards success in a short period of time.

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