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Sweepstakes Solutions for Facebook:

We know how important it is for you to build buzz for your promotions. As a Magento cart merchant, you have unique requirements in terms of getting a fun, popular, interactive and social promotional blitz. We understand that these solutions should be unique and refreshing.

That's why NextBee has built solution around your needs.

 NextBee's solution has these modules:

·         Attention grabbing and compelling cross channel entry forms

·         Additional entries for users where their friends can also participate

·         Easily configurable criteria to decide the number and frequency of winners

·         24/7 support to setup, promote and monitor your campaigns

With NextBee on your side, as a Magento cart merchant, you will be able to do:

1.    Have cross channel portals so that you can easily host your sweepstakes entry form everywhere like on your Facebook page, website, partner sites, kiosk stores, social games etc.

2.    Get data ownership. You have full control over your data. We will not share, use, analyze or do anything whatsoever with your data. In fact, on the end of your promotions, we remove all your data from our databases.

3.    Get scalable infrastructure which can handle the sudden rush of participants. We know that promotions are done to generate big push in short time. So our system is build to handle such on-demand loads.

4.    You have various options about deciding winners. You can offer instant rewards, personalize your rewards according to the user info, pick how many winners and on what frequency winners will be chosen.

5.    Get detailed tracking of user interactions, referrals, duplicate entries and results from CPA based promotions.

It is not just the product, but NextBee's team of expert services which helps you in every single way. We provide you the most cost effective sweepstakes solutions for Facebook.

In a nutshell, if you are a Magento cart merchant and your goal is to create a fun and interactive promotion campaign, NextBee's sweepstakes solution for Facebook is your go to solution. You can request more information by submitting your requirements here or calling us at 1-800-547-1618.

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