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Social Media Success for Malls

Now-a-days social media is playing a crucial role towards getting success of the malls in the different part of the city. Social media provides customers with plenty of options of contests and sweepstakes from big brands of the malls. Contests and sweepstakes are the perfect source of getting the attention of the customers at large. The word “FREE” gets more attention from the customers and hence they will jump in to grab the FREE products / services from the brand.

As a mall owner you must have some unique requirements from social media programs like:

1.     Fast and easy way to grab the attention of new customers.

2.     Hassle free IT requirements.

3.     Spread deep down in the market in a short period of time.

4.     Attractive and inexpensive contests and sweepstakes programs.

With the above requirements, NextBee’s Social Media Program is the perfect fit for your mall. Our program will not only get the attention of the customers but also it’s a niche idea to spread the brand awareness in the market. Few of the unique features are:

1.     Leverage the data of your customers’ social network profiles.

2.     NextBee’s multi-tenant configuration ensures that your customers’ data is in its own silo in our system.

3.     In addition to the segmented and user-level feeds collected from profile information, you can also get data reports on opt-in rates, preferred channels, choices of promotion and context, and the popularity of your offers with your customers so that you can thoroughly analyze the success of your efforts.

4.     Build a federated database of customers’ social profiles.

Besides NextBee’s products you will also find our customer service is excellent. We do all possible things which will help you to reach your goal in a short period of time. Get personal with your customers by getting to know them better and by being part of their conversations through social media channels.

The next step should be to give us a quick call at - 1-800-547-1618 and fix up a meeting with our market experts, who will guide you towards success. 

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