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Getting the most out of the social media, now-a-days brands are mostly using the social media channels to increase in their sales and connections with the community at large. Experts are regularly analyzing the social media data in order to find out the behavior of the customers and thereby targeting with the right approach. The main focus of social media data federation is to build strong relationship with the customers by understanding their requirements better so as to get rise in the sales and ROI in a short period of time.

The key points towards getting success form the social media data federation programs are:

1.            Programs to know more about the customer behavior and target them appropriately.

2.            Building positive relationship with the customers and thereby increase in the sales.

3.            Tailor made offers that can be changed over time.

4.            Zero or negligible IT hassles.

From the above mentioned points along with the fierce competition in the market, NextBee’s social connect programs should be the right choice for your brand with the following features like:

1.            You can also get data reports on opt-in rates, preferred channels, choices of promotion and context, and the popularity of your offers with your customers so that you can thoroughly analyze the success of your efforts.

2.            With simple yet engaging programs you can even offer instant rewards for taking the two minutes to register.

3.            Users have full control over what data they want to share and they can request the purging of this data at any time.

4.            Build a federated database of customers’ social profiles.

With NextBee’s products you can get personal with your customers by getting to know them better and by being part of their conversations. Besides NextBee’s products it is all about the quality service that ensures you reach your target. You can quickly give us a call at 1-800-547-1618 and talk with the experts and get your campaign started.

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