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A loyal customer can become a great influencer in this social media age where almost everyone is hooked up with their social circle. Organizations always try to motivate the existing customer with plenty of rewards and recognition programs so that they can convert in the most loyal customers so that they can share their positive experience of the brand on their social circle. It doesn’t take long time to spread the buzz in the social media channels and the main focus of social influencer recruitment programs is to get a handful of social influencers resulting in the increase in the traffic on the site thereby push up the sales rapidly.

The main points towards getting success from the social influencer recruitment programs are:

1.            Attractive programs to get influencers on board.

2.            Promotional schemes to build strong relationship with the customers.

3.            Economical way to spread the brand awareness deep in the market.

4.            Customized programs that can be altered over time.

From the above mentioned points in mind along with the competition in the market, NextBee’s promotion network solution should be the ideal match for your brand with the following features like:

1.            Get end-to-end solutions for brands to run promotions through partners.

2.            Offers include coupons, sweepstakes, cash back and referral rewards.

3.            Rely on the social media reach of your partners and of third party app developers.

4.            Dedicated support from a relationship manager and a technical team.

With NextBee’s products you can go beyond simple coupon offers by enabling your network partners to run promotions such as tiered points rewards, matching charity donations, cash back awards, sweepstakes,  social referrals, in-game credits, and virtual goods. You can quickly give us a call at 1-800-547-1618 and get started with your new campaign with the guidance of the market experts who will take you towards success in a very short period of time.

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