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Loyalty Program for Social Games

Social games are the new trend to showcase the brands unique selling points in the market through social media channels. Social games are a great source of crowd pullers and if it is proper utilized, your brand won’t need to spend anything on any other source of marketing and advertisements. Incentivize your customers for showing their loyalty towards your brand through loyalty program software. This is the best source to show how much you care for your customers and the same time customers will get motivation to stay with the brand.

Being a brand owner you must have your unique requirements from your customer loyalty programs like:

1.    Fast and easy to integrate loyalty marketing software.

2.    Hassle-free IT requirements.

3.    Economic way to approach customers with a great impact with the loyalty programs.

4.    Customized as per the customer’s requirement.

With the above points in mind and the competition in the market, NextBee has come up with awesome Customer Loyalty Marketing Programs which will be the perfect fit of any king of organization with guaranteed results in a short period of time.

Few of the features of NextBee’s loyalty program solution are:

1.     Build yourself an army of true believers across social, mobile and offline channels.

2.     Track total engagement metrics from purchases to advocacy.

3.     Integrate rewards into shopping carts and current user accounts.

4.     Offer users store credits, coupons, and special group pricing.

Besides NextBee’s awesome products you can always expect a decent customer service with proven track record of success.

Find out why big clients trust our loyalty marketing software. The immediate step should be to give us a quick call at 1-800-547-1618 and talk to our experts of the market.

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