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Social Affiliate Marketing


Now-a-days social affiliate marketing has already picked up pace as people don’t want to take a risk to start up a new company in this volatile economy. People are working as an affiliate with other brands and promoting their products/ services by providing their link on their blogs or on their website; this is going to popularize the brand in the community and in return they will get their affiliate fees/ commission. The more they share the affiliate link, more are the chances to earn more. On the other hand social media channels are considered as one of the most powerful platform to spread the brand awareness. If the affiliate link is shared in the social media then there is a huge opportunity to get more business and sales.


The important points towards success in the social affiliate marketing programs are:

1.      Fast and easy way to spread the affiliate link.

2.      Economical and powerful source to get the desired results.

3.      Promoting your affiliate products/ services on the reliable source to attract more users.


Your customers love offer-based rewards –where they can earn a freebie on your site/application for signing up for a trial of a service but we know you are tired of being restricted by the offers from the 3rd party providers, the complex commission structure, and above all lack of creativity and variety in the offers. Let NextBee’s platform help you run offers that you choose by either directly working with sponsors or your own affiliate account – plus you can create offers of your own – ‘share with friends’ and get bonus points or upload a photo and get double bonus points – all these offers have in built buzz feed associated with it that (if user has authorized then) posts the activity on user’s social media profile pages generating viral distribution.


Besides NextBee’s products you can expect a high-quality service from our dedicated team members who will do whatever is required to achieve the desired results. We have proven track record of success to help you to reach your goals.

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