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Shopping club program is a new concept to get the attention of new customers and at the same time encourages the existing customers to stay connected with the same brand. Organizations are trying all possible ways to make the shopping memorable by opting several programs like creating a special group of loyal customers, offering special discounts, and paying individual attention. This not only motivates the customers to shop more but also with the positive experience they will spread the buzz about your brand and which in turn will attract new customer base.


Few key points of success from shopping club programs are:

1. The programs must be filled with fun and excitement.

2. Widget must be user friendly and easy to fill up form.

3. Tiered based reward programs.

4. Economical yet fast way to attract new customers.


NextBee’s shopping club program is the perfect fit for your brand of any kind. With the proper program in place you can build an army of zealous brand advocates who will be excited to shop at your site and recruit their friends, family members and colleagues also to do the same. You will have an access to the metrics – from how many customers have joined your program, to where each of these customers stand, to which rewards they have chosen, to which offers they have responded to, and even to how many of them have recruited new friends to shop at your site. We can even export this user-profile data to your CRM system.


Besides NextBee’s products, with our service we will help you in all possible ways to reach the target which you have set. We have all proven track record of success to create a unique space in the market for your brand. NextBee has individual account managers to take care of your program from the beginning. 

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