Go Viral With Your Shopify eCommerce Site


Want To Go Viral with Your Shopify eCommerce Site? Here Are 5 Points to Consider.

For the uninitiated, Shopify is a customizable eCommerce solution for people who want to have a unique and aesthetically appealing online store. Now if you already have an ecommerce site on Shopify, you must be familiar with the features which help in making your products popular in the online world. For example your customers can get RSS feed, they can see online catalogues etc. But sometimes, some extra efforts are required to make your products popular and in demand.

If you want your Shopify ecommerce site to go viral, the best way to do so is by getting a good software plugin for your online store. But there are some important points to consider if you want to choose good software:

1.       High participation: You want to ensure that people talk about your products and share it with their friends and so on. The first thing to ensure this is participation. Therefore a good software will include everyone you know in the promotional list and then add some more. Include your current customers, fans of the Facebook page of your online store and even your newsletter subscribers. Also, good software will not stop with just one time promotion. There must be auto responders and few limited time offers, just to pique interest.

2.       Smart widgets: The widgets the softwares uses for promotions should come in various forms like inline links, popular social media apps, micro sites and floating overlays. It should also embed relevant and contextual promotional widgets in customer transactions. Like for example, you should not try to sell a rabbit hutch to someone who is obviously a dog owner.

3.       User friendly and Easy to Share: If you want to have a successful promotion for your Shopify ecommerce site, people must be able to easily share what you have to offer. What is the point of offering good rewards and offers if people can’t share them? It will never go viral. Therefore ensure that your customers can easily use their contacts and can share your offers on their social networking site accounts. Also the messages should be personalized for every customer. Everybody likes to get a real message, not some automated response.

4.       Fun: People will only participate in masses if it is fun. Also, everyone shares funny things with their friends. Therefore, make sure that your promotional campaign is something fun and exciting. It should be something which people look forward too, not something which people are tired off, like high frequency of irrelevant offer emails.

5.       Track your progress: If you want to achieve something, it should be measurable. Therefore, good software plug-ins will track what your customers really want. This important secret can be easily revealed by some analysis of what your customers click most on, what are they signing up for, what they share the most and what are they talking about.

These are 5 important points if you want to succeed in promoting your products and your Shopify ecommerce site with help of a software plugin.

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