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We understand how important it is for you to keep your sales agent happy and motivated. As a SalesForce CRM user, you have unique requirements in terms of realizing the power to get commitment and engagement from your users for the causes you want to champion.

That's why NextBee has built solution around your needs.

NextBee's solution has these modules:

·         Track ongoing activities or build new ones just for your campaigns

·         Optimize social recognition and advocacy

·         Configure, program and personalize incentives

·         Dedicated customer support from our account managers

With NextBee on your side, as a SalesForce CRM user, you will be able to do:

1.    Use our unique tracking feature to motivate and appreciate small changes like by offering credit for staying active in your programs, offer bonuses and tiered rewards etc.

2.    Have a flexible rule engine which is configurable and programmable to monitor user activities and offer users incentives based on your definitions.

3.    Cost effective rewards as we do not take commissions from rewards, shipping fee etc.

4.    Social media integration which helps you catapults your incentive schemes.

5.    Get detailed tracking of engagement metrics so that you can monitor how your incentive schemes work.

It is not just the product, but NextBee's team of expert services which helps you in every single way. We provide you the most cost effective sales agent competition program.

In a nutshell, if you are a SalesForce CRM user and your goal is to engage your sales agents, NextBee's Sales Agent competition service is your go to solution. You can request more information by submitting your requirements here or calling us at 1-800-547-1618.


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