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Sales Agent plays the most important role in their company.  They start a day with a positive mind.  Set their professional goals and target. Try to be the better person the next day.  Aim to be the best.  Luck is just a bonus, hard work is a must.  Every minute is a competition.  As a Sales Agent not only your competitive product is your competitors, as well as your colleges or team mates.  The more time and effort you give to your work the more customers you gain.


A Sales Agent needs patience and effort.  Self motivated and also motivating their team by mentoring and giving tips or suggestions.  A good Sales Agent must be well organized with his/her schedule and clients information.  A Sales Agent must know customer needs, problems and concerns.  They must response to customer complains as soon as possible.  To have a possible repetitive sale or a customer referral and the customer like their service with the help of NextBee's customer reward programs.


He/she must have product knowledge, well trained to share the product information to their clients. Give the product features, the advantages how the products perform and also the benefits, how features meets the needs of the customer.  A Sales Agent must be willing to learn new things about their product.  He/she must also know by heart the companies mission.  He/she must be updated with product information.  He/she must also have knowledge of competitor’s product. Well prepared for customers questions comparing our products with other competitor’s products.  As much as possible the Sales Agent knows why, where, how the product he’s/she’s selling produced.  A relational skill is a big plus to a Sales Agent.  This is the first step on how to make a sale. 


You must build rapport to a person you just meet for the first time.  Being a Sales Agent is very challenging professional job. Which every day is a learning process. Hence with the effective utilization of Customer Reward Programs from NextBee, it is possible to bring healthy competition in the industry and thereby increasing the sales and ROI.

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