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Referral Reward Program

Rewarding the loyal customers and the revisiting customers has become a market trend. To overcome the challenge of getting more customers and to retain the existing customers, the organizations have made it mandatory to pay close attention toward the customers. Rewarding the customers will not only motivate them to come to the brand for shopping more but also they will bring more customers along with them. The main focus of referral reward program is to get as many customers as possible in a short period of time. While you are looking at quantify of course, any referral reward campaign will cannot be called success unless the leads are from the prospective customers.

The important points towards getting success from referral reward programs are:

1.     Able to generate swarm of leads from the prospective customers.

2.     Fast and easy setup of interactive programs.

3.     Cost-effective approach to spread brand awareness in the market.

4.     Offers that can be changed over time as per the requirement.

NextBee's referral marketing software is ideal for you because referral program widgets get users to invite other friends plus the users automatically become a part of the loyalty program. Also with promotion network you can get other partners through mobile, and other social networks like Facebook.

Few of the features of the online referral marketing programs are:

1.     With our programs you can maximize your sales through referrals with an optimized referral reward program.

2.    With the Single Sign-On module, we ensure that all your customers, Facebook Fans, and email-list subscribers are automatically registered in your promotions.

3.     You can optimize repeat participation through smart auto-responders, and tiered rewards.

4.     With our widgets, your users can import contacts, share referrals on social media networks, and send messages to specific friends on Facebook.

With NextBee’s platform you can drive ROI-positive marketing campaign that will generate an immediate revenue boost and will transform your relationship with your brand advocates. Beyond NextBee’s products you can also rely on the customer service that will take all possible steps to make sure that you reach your goal in a short period of time. You can request more information by submitting your requirements here or can give us a quick call at 1-800-547-1618 and talk to the experts who will guide you towards success.

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