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Referral Reward Ideas

Most online businesses have developed effective referral programs since word of mouth is the best marketing technique in this day and age. Some of the most successful referral programs are based on incentives since this is the greatest motivation factor for most people.

Below are some of the best referral reward ideas.

1.       Gift certificates – Customers or employees who have brought in more referrals can be awarded with gift certificates for doing exemplary work. Gift certificates are the most popular referral rewards used by most people. There are various types of gift certificates as summarized below in detail.

·         Gift certificates to spa’s, gym’s etc.

·         Gift certificates to other shops

·         Gift certificates to hotels and restaurants.

Note that, gift certificates can be exemplary motivation features since employees and customers will work effortlessly to bring in more referrals.

2.       Discounts or free services in your business- You can reward customers or employees with a large number of referrals with free services or discounts on the products and services offered at your business. As such, customers and employees will be motivated to bring in more referrals.


3.       Recognition - This is a referral reward program that is applicable only to employees. If an employee brings in a large list of referrals, you can reward him or her with a promotion to a better paying position. If there is no promotion in the works, you can also provide better perks such as insurance, parking etc.


4.       Money - You can also reward employees or customers with money for any referral they bring. This will ensure that employees bring as many referrals as they can. On the other hand, you can reward employees with commissions for every referral they bring in.


5.       Gifts and presents - If there is an upcoming season whether Christmas, Thanksgiving or Easter, you can reward any customers or employees with numerous referrals by giving them gifts and presents.


Any business can incorporate all the above mentioned referral reward ideas into their referral program for efficiency. On the other hand, a business can exclusively deal with one referral reward program whichever suits them the most.

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