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Referral Program Strategy

Since the introduction of referral programs, most business owners no longer have to pay for marketing or advertising since referral programs depend solely on the word of mouth for success. In simple words, referral programs are marketing strategies that depend on the customers as advocates of the brands/ products offered by a particular business. Customers can recommend their friends, relatives or acquaintances to try these products which may result in more customers for that business.


In order to achieve success in a referral marketing strategy, it is prudent for the business to ensure that the customers are satisfied with the products or services offered. This will basically guarantee that your customers refer other people to your business. On the other hand, employees must be aware of the all the services and products offered by your company since most referrals trust recommendations from employees who work in that particular company. Below are some strategies you can use to ensure that your referral program is actually effective.


1.        Customer satisfaction - Happily satisfied customers will bring you more referrals as opposed to unsatisfied customers. You can ensure satisfaction of your customers by taking good notice of all preferences and tastes. You can provide after sale services at discounts or simply free. Customers should also have access to warranties on products purchased at your business. If your customers leave fully satisfied, there is a great chance that they will refer as many people as they can.


2.        Employee Satisfaction - Provide your employees with more knowledge on the type of business and products whether goods or services available. Satisfy your employees by giving them an ample working environment where they can work stress free with fair remuneration. You can also provide your employees with overtime remuneration for hours worked beyond the recommended time. This will make the employees proud to be advocates of the company they work for thus they will constantly refer and recommend other people to purchase your products.


Since the above named aspects are the chief sources of referrals, it is prudent for any business to generate a good referral program based primarily on customer and employee satisfaction. It has been proven that such a referral program will generate a long list of referrals.

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