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The main motive of referral programs is to spread the brand awareness and to reach deep in the community from the positive experience of the customers. Referral program solution helps the brand to market the products/ services without spending more towards the advertisement and marketing. Through referral programs, enterprise rewards the customers who have come from the referral source which motivate them further to bring along their friends, family members and colleagues with them. Referral solution is one of the most powerful tools which most of the brands are implementing in their marketing system to increase in sales / ROI and generate profit.


The important points towards the success of the referral program solution are:

1. Motivates users to come to their brand.

2. Fast and easy setup.

3. Customizable as per the user’s requirements.

4. No additional IT support


NextBee’s referral program solution is the perfect match for any kind of enterprise with wide range of services like:

     Unmatched participation: With NextBee’s Single Sign-On module, we ensure that all your customers, Facebook Fans, and email-list subscribers are automatically registered in your promotions. We do not stop at getting the most initial participants, but optimize repeat participation through smart auto-responders, tiered rewards, special limited-time offers, and leaderboard widgets.

     Intuitive and Contextual: Our template engine provides a wide range of form factors for your widgets, from inline links and overlays to microsites and social media apps. Embed NextBee’s branded promotion widgets in the context of your users’ transactions, and by matching the interaction flow on your website, you will get the best results for your campaign.

     Fun and Exciting: When you talk with us, you will realize that everyone here and everything we do has one, single-minded focus: to make your campaign fun and exciting for your users. We will design the right campaign graphics to enthrall your audience, we will customize the messages to make your users smile, and we will help you structure your offers and rewards to evoke a festive, communal spirit.

     Detailed Tracking: We always suggest that you let your users take control over your promotions, but that doesn’t mean that the right tracking and testing can’t help you optimize their success. With the NextBee solution, you will have detailed insights into sign-ups, sharing, clicks, conversions, email opens, and reward choices. To study heat maps, you can even opt for advanced features such as channel tracking and integration with web analytics.


Apart from NextBee’s products, we offer round the clock customer support from our expert team members. We have plenty of success examples with proven track record for Referral Program Solution.

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