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Getting referrals is a tricky task for each establishment. There should be proper and strong plans which has to be laid down to get referrals from your clients/ customers. Once you start getting referrals then you don’t have to spend more money towards advertising your products and services. Motivation and satisfaction are the key factors which change the mind to bring more referrals along with them towards your establishment. Now-a-days brands have started offering referral points to the customers who visits regularly for shopping.


NextBee has its own referral software program with advanced features and it can be easily embed on to the system without any additional IT team. It will immediately start tracking the transactions as soon as it is live and is really very easy to setup. Few of the features are mentioned below:

1.         Widgets for sharing, following, quizzes and photo galleries.

2.         Tiered rewards optimized for game dynamics.

3.         Cross-channel sales and user profile metrics for ROI tracking.

4.         Deployment, optimization, and adoption support.


With these features in place, brands can start getting flood of referrals from their existing customers. All of the gains from our products become exponential over time. As word spreads, two people tell 4 people, who tell 8 people, who tell 16 people, etc. this brings maximum long term gain in profit, clients, users, and readers from your advertising dollar. 

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