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Successful Referral Marketing Strategy

Most of the online retail businesses have adopted referral programs as marketing strategies. There are some businesses that have achieved success from these marketing strategies such as Dropbox. This has resulted in most companies following suit with referral programs so as to achieve success. There are so many factors and aspects that must be put into play before a referral marketing strategy must become successful.

1.       The business owner must provide better experiences and services to his/ her customers as compared to his competitors. This will prevent the competitors from poaching his customers.


2.       Ensure that employees are very knowledgeable about the different products and services offered in the business since most referrals trust recommendations coming from employees more than those coming from customers.


3.       Make sure that your customers are satisfied with whatever services offered since this will motivate them to attract more referrals for your business.

If all these aspects are in play, the next step is to create a successful referral marketing strategy. Most of the referral programs ever invented have one thing in common. This is the incentive offered to customers or employees for bringing referrals. Below are some of the most common incentives used for rewarding customers who have brought many referrals.

1.       Gift certificates for spas, gyms, other shops etc.

2.       Promotions and perks for employees who bring too many referrals

3.       Money can also be rewarded to both customers and employees

4.       Free services or discounts for products offered at the particular business.


A successful referral marketing strategy is characterized by a long list of referrals coming from either customers or employees. Both of these parties must be very satisfied with the business so as to ensure an effective referral program. The rewards and incentives coming from the referral programs must also be very satisfying since they are also motivating factors.


If you need to classify your referral program as successful, it is prudent to keep track of the referrals brought in since a long list will mark the effectiveness of the strategy. To make the referral program quite interesting, the business can also reward referrals for becoming part of the business. Some of the rewards that can be awarded to referrals include free services or discounts on services for a limited period of time.

In conclusion, if you are in the process of adopting a referral marketing strategy use the above mentioned pointers to ensure that it will be successful enough to bring you more referrals and profits in the long run.

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