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Referral Marketing Software Solution


In this slack economy, organizations just don’t want to spend un-necessarily on marketing / advertising with the assurance of getting the desired results. Referral marketing software solution is being considered by most of the brands, the most powerful form of spreading the buzz about your brand in the market. Whispers become windfall. NextBee’s platform gives you the ability to harness the power of social media to catapult your brand to the head of your industry by giving your customers reward points for spreading buzz about your brand.


There are 7 ways to increase your referrals with referral marketing software:

1.          Focus on offer: Promote a special offer or specific product and not just your brand.

2.          Let users track success: Offer visibility to users. Allow them to see which of their friends have made referral purchases and who has not – offer these users the ability to send reminders to friends.

3.          Optimize message: Design referral e-mail content with specific call to action for users (and also include a low barrier offer such as a free sample/ teaser product along with the primary purchase offer).

4.          Reach out to influencers: Engage socially active referrers (beyond your customer base) such as users with a large Facebook fan base, with targeted ads and dedicated refer a friend page tab on your Facebook page.

5.          Stay in touch: Track the referrer information in your NextBee account and reach out to referrers with special offers - nudge them to refer more friends, more often.

6.          Maximize message reach: Get reward winners and referrers to post information about their success in your reward program on Facebook and Twitter.

7.          Integrate: Promote your referral program information in every user communication (including your newsletter and transactional e-mails) and contextually significant tough points such as order confirmation page.

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