Referral Programs for Online Universities


Referral Program for Online Universities

Ever thought of getting flood of students in front of your university gate for admissions? Seems like a dream, but with the latest and current marketing trends, it is now possible to grab more number of students than anything else with the referral programs. With referral programs you are not only getting benefits from the online universities but also your referred friend gets big discounts on different syllabus. In this way the universities are getting their marketing done without spending anything big with a guaranteed result of getting students.

As a head of the online university you must have some unique requirements from the programs to get your university filled up with students like:

1.       Attractive schemes to motivate students to bring more referrals.

2.       Hassle free IT setup.

3.       Economical way to spread the brand awareness of the university.

4.       Get guaranteed results in a short period of time.

Keeping all these requirements in mind, we can suggest you to go for NextBee’s awesome Referral Programs for any kind of online universities. It will not only track the referrals and the referred students but also with its powerful approach will get the attention of new students. 

Some of the unique features are:

  1.  Leverage the data of your customers’ social network profiles.
  2. Add invitations and social sharing options to go viral.
  3. Widgets for sharing, following, quizzes and photo galleries.
  4. Interactive social promotions.

Besides NextBee’s products, you can also find that our customer service is one amongst the best in the industry. We will do all possible steps to guide you through to achieve desired goals guaranteed.

Your next step will be to call us at - 1-800-547-1618 and schedule a meeting with our industry experts.


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