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Wherever a person goes they carry a mobile phone along with them and anyone can be contacted anytime and anywhere. Therefore, it is easier for the organizations to spread the buzz deep in the market through mobile phones due to its widespread reach. Going viral through mobile has picked up pace to get the attention of the new customer base and thereby increasing the revenue. The main focus of mobile viral promotion is to increase the sales rapidly in a short period of time in the most cost effective way.

The key points towards getting success through mobile viral promotions are:

1.  Spreading the brand awareness in a most cost effective way.

2.  Interactive programs to get the attention of new customer base.

3.  Fast and easy setup of user friendly interface.

4.  Tailor made offers that can be changed over time.

NextBee’s Viral Sweepstakes software programs should be the perfect choice for your online business by keeping all the above mentioned points in mind with the following features like:

1.   Through our programs you can add invitations and social sharing options to go viral with interactive sweepstakes promotions.

2.   You can host the sweepstakes entry forms on your Facebook page, your website, partner sites, and kiosks in your stores, mobile applications, standard display ads units, and social games.

3.   You have full control over your data privacy. At NextBee we will not share, re-use, analyze or do anything whatsoever with your data.

4.   Our program offers you the most options: from issuing instant rewards and personalizing rewards based on user-profile information.

Besides NextBee’s awesome products, it is all about the service that will make sure that you reach your desired goal in a very short period of time with guaranteed results. We have proven track record of success from our never ending list of satisfied client base. You can request for more information by submitting your requirements here or by giving us a quick call you can fix a meeting with our experts at - 1-800-547-1618 and get your campaign live.

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