Member Reward Programs for your Gym


Member Rewards for Gyms

Gyms have become a new craze amongst youngsters, but with the stiff competition, gyms are losing out their reputation in the market and hence missing a chance to tap new source of members. With plenty of options and programs available in front of gym owners that now they can find new pool of members. Everyone likes rewards, discounts and freebies which motivates them further to stick to the particular brand for a long run. Each organization is offering rewards but your customer reward programs must be unique enough to get the attention of new members.

As a Gym owner you must have some special requirements of your member reward programs like:

1.     Member reward programs must be unique and full of fun and excitement.

2.     Cost-effective method to get more members.

3.     Fast and easy to setup reward programs.

4.     Customized solution as per the requirement.

Keeping all the competition in the market, NextBee’s member reward programs will suit as per the requirements. NextBee’s member reward program is not only capable enough to the spread the buzz in the target market but also it will attract new members for your Gym.

Few of the following features are:

1.     Build yourself an army of true believers across social, mobile and offline channels.

2.     Track total engagement metrics from purchases to advocacy.

3.     Integrate rewards into shopping carts and current user accounts.

4.     Offer users store credits, coupons, and special group pricing.

Besides NextBee’s track record of success and the products, the customer service is really great. The expert team members are working round the clock to provide you with all support till you reach your goal.

The next immediate step should be to call us - 1-800-547-1618 and speak with our market experts who will guide you to reach your destination.


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