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With plenty of options available, members / customers don’t think twice to move to other brands and hence it is very crucial for every organization to retain the existing members and to attract new members. But how it is possible? Simple; with modern methods of marketing your brand with member retention program work wonders and slowly solving the problems of retaining the members in a short period of time. The main focus of member retention programs is to attract the new members by providing a lot of options like offers, rewards, incentives and coupons.

To get success from the member retention programs, there must be some unique requirements like:

1.            Attractive and interactive programs for participation of the members.

2.            Great offers and reward programs filled up with fun and excitement.

3.            Cost-effective approach to spread the brand awareness in the community.

4.            Less or negligible IT hassles.

Keeping all these above points in mind, NextBee’s member retention program will be the perfect fit for your organization with guaranteed results in a short period of time with the following features like:

1.            Custom metrics and APIs define and track member engagement.

2.            Incentives for members and reps encourage loyalty and advocacy.

3.            With our event-tracking APIs, data-reporting web services, client-side JavaScript tags, and property file-based business rule engine, your solution is seamlessly integrated into your product.

4.            You can also track the engagement metrics both at an aggregate level to help drive product changes.

Beyond NextBee’s products you can always rely on the quality service which will make your campaign a great success. Reduce churn, improve the adoption of new features and functionality, and take a pro-active approach towards addressing customer satisfaction gaps. We have proven track record of success of never ending list of clients.

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