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Taking care of the internal members not only help the brand to grow but also it motivates the existing members to stay with the brand for a longer time. This is why brands are taking serious decisions to opt for member perk programs in their marketing system so as to build a rapport of the brand in the market. If the members are happy, he will definitely motivate other friends, colleagues and family members to join the community. The main purpose of member perk programs is to get the member share the positive experience in their social circle resulting in the increase of sales and improved ROI.

The Key points towards getting success from the member perk programs are:

1.            Improve member retention with rewarding programs.

2.            Build strong relationship with the members to attract new members towards the brand.

3.            Cost effective way to spread the buzz in the market.

4.            Zero or low IT hassles.

From the above mentioned points NextBee’s social influencer programs should be the ideal match for your requirements and brands with the following features like:

1.            Leverage the data of your customers’ social network profiles.

2.            Add invitations and social sharing options to go viral with interactive programs.

3.            Rapidly build a list of email subscribers and Facebook Fans.

4.            Get support for campaign setup and seed user acquisition.

Besides NextBee’s awesome products it is all about the high-quality service and we will take all possible steps to make sure that you reach your desired goals. You can request for more information by submitting your requirements here or can quickly give us a call at 1-800-547-1618 and fix a meeting with our experts who will further guide you throughout the project and will guide you towards success in a short period of time with guaranteed results.

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