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Now-a-days in this competitive market organizations are focusing to get the attention of large number of new customers. That is the reason why they have come up with ideas to give special offers, discounts, coupons and other reward programs to the group of people who come for the shopping. Brands are getting great success with these programs as they are able to get the attention of more numbers of customers with increase in their ROI. The positive experience of a group plays a greater role to bring in more sales for the brand.


There are few key points to get success from group buying offers:

1.      The offer must be filled up with fun and excitement.

2.      Attract more numbers of new customers.

3.      Easily customizable as per the market trend.

4.      Fast and easy to setup the widget.


NextBee’s group solution will be the perfect fit for any kind of industry. Today, every brand wants to reach out to the influencers who has affinity toward the brand, has truly authoritative voice, and social following. But it is very hard to separate out signal from the noise when it comes to social activity – and so there in unmet demand from corporate marketers that manage perks programs, surveys, and early adopter recruitment drives to identify and connect with the power users. You have access to the pool of these users, let NextBee help you run incentive schemes, challenges, and reward programs focused on healthy living, weight loss tracking, trivia questions, member recruitment that unequivocally proves the creed of these users and offer the brands access to these influencers by auctioning the limited sponsorship spots in such promotions.


Besides NextBee’s products you can also expect high-quality service which will help you to reach the destination. Our team of experts is working round the clock to provide you with all the assistance individually. We have proven track record of success to help clients to reach their goals.

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