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Getting new customers towards the brand is becoming difficult now-a-days with the growing competition in the market. But with the advent of social media channels it has really become easier to get the attention of the customers without spending huge $$ towards expensive forms of marketing and advertising with guaranteed results. The social media channels are so powerful that one can share the experience across the globe in just a matter of time. The main focus of Facebook sweepstake software programs is to increase in the fans base and thereby increase in the revenue and ROI.

The key points towards getting success from Facebook sweepstakes programs are:

1.             Increase in the fans base with attractive sweepstakes programs.

2.             Cost-effective way to get the attention of the customers.

3.             Programs filled up with fun and excitement.

4.             Customized programs that can be changed over time as per the requirements.

NextBee’s viral sweepstakes programs should be the perfect fit for your online industry in this cutthroat competition amongst the competitors with the following features like:

1.           Host the sweepstakes entry forms on your Facebook page, your website, partner sites, and kiosks in your stores, mobile applications, standard display ads units, and social games.

2.            You have full control over your data. At NextBee we will not share, re-use, analyze or do anything whatsoever with your data.

3.           We know that when you launch a sweepstakes offer you want to generate a big marketing push in a short period of time and therefore our system is built from the ground up to handle such on-demand loads.

4.            When it comes to deciding winners, NextBee offers you the most options: from issuing instant rewards and personalizing rewards based on user-profile information.

NextBee’s solution will tempt you to give a fresh look at our Facebook sweepstakes that will work wonder not only to get the attention of the new customer base but also it will motivate the existing customers to stick to the brand. Besides NextBee’s awesome products, you can always rely on the service that will ensure you to reach the destination goal. You can give us a quick call at 1-800-547-1618 and fix a meeting to the experts who will guide you towards success guaranteed.

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