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Now-a-days in this competitive market, every industry wants to make use of social media to the core as it provides a continuous flow of customers towards the brand. There is a huge rush in the competition to increase in the number of fans and followers in Facebook & Twitter. Social media channel provides the best platform to stay connected with the customers/ clients and also to know what the people actually looking for in the brand. Organizations are paying more attention to conduct contests for Facebook fans to bring the attention of large part of the society and to motivate them to join the community and increase in the fan’s list. The more the fan’s list the better the chance of converting them to leads and increase in the sales and ROI.


Few features to achieve success through Facebook fan contests are:

1.      Customizable as per the requirement of the campaign and the market competition.

2.      Economical yet fast to achieve target.

3.      Easy to setup the contest for the customers of different requirements.

4.      Contests which can be changed over the time.


NextBee’s contest software solution is the perfect fit for any types of organizations with any sorts of requirements. The widget is very easy to embed on the site and immediately you can start promoting your contests on Facebook to attract more fans. With this widget you can ask users to invite their friends and also those users will also become the part of the contest once they sign up. We have proven track-record of success.


Besides NextBee’s product, you can also expect a quality customer service who will dedicate entirely towards achieving the target by increase in the number of fans on your Facebook. Our expert team members are working round the clock to provide any sort of assistance for any queries.

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