Build Up Facebook Fans for your eCommerce Store


Why Facebook Matters for your eCommerce Store

With the constant changes in technology, most businesses and companies have wrapped themselves around these technological advancements so as to be successful. For instance, most companies have developed a web presence since this reaches out to the global market. On the other hand, there are also companies that operate solely online hence it is crucial to have successful tips for online operation.

Ecommerce stores can now cut advertising and promotion costs by using social media sites such as Facebook as platforms for poaching clients or for overall business growth. Facebook has now evolved from just connecting friends through creation of profiles to a global business networking platform. Below are some reasons why Facebook is crucial for any success of an Ecommerce store.

1.       Facebook has a very strong web presence as compared to other social sites. If you create a remarkable Facebook profile which is very appealing to potential customers you are highly likely to dominate the target market as compared to your competitors who may use other social media sites.


2.       Facebook provides online businesses with an excellent customer support system since there are great interacting channels. For instance, potential customers can talk to the business administrators via chat, messages or just by leaving comments on the business profile page. As such, online businesses no longer have to develop efficient customer support facilities since they are already in place. Facebook also encourages customer interaction since customers can like or comment on other customers’ views. Customers can also get new updates on products or services from ecommerce businesses very fast via Facebook. This comes in handy in case a business is looking to introduce a new brand, or refurbish an existing product.


3.       Facebook enables provision of instant feedback to online business owners. If there are defaults in the products that a certain ecommerce store offers, customers will leave a comment on your Facebook page. The business administrators also get to read customers reviews and recommendations. If there are too many complaints, the business can correct the malfunctions immediately to impress the customers.

Ecommerce stores are encouraged to use Facebook as an advertising platform since it helps in the generation of traffic which translates to more potential customers for the products on sale.

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