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Once the customer is happy and satisfied then he will spread the positive experience in his friends circle. Organization always tries to tap the unseen potential from the referred customers. But in this present volatile economy there are plenty of programs available to get the attention of the new customers but also it motivate the existing customers. The same goes with referral marketing programs as it is one of the most powerful engine to generate high sales in a very short period of time. The main focus of daily deal sites is to get more sales in the most cost effective approach.

As a daily deal site owner you must have some unique requirements like:

1.      Get the attention of new customer base rapidly.

2.      Engage the customers with fun and interactive programs.

3.      Fast and easy to setup the interface for easy navigability.

4.      Customized offers which can be changed over time.

With the following requirements, NextBee’s referral marketing software program will be the perfect combination to generate high revenue for your industry quickly. Few of the unique features are:

1.      ROI-positive marketing campaign that will generate an immediate revenue boost.

2.      Optimize the repeat participation through smart auto-responders, tiered rewards and special limited-time offers.

3.      Customize the messages to make your users smile, and will help you structure your offers and rewards to evoke a festive, communal spirit.

4.      You can opt for advanced features such as channel tracking and integration with web analytics.

Besides NextBee’s products, you can also expect a high-quality service that will ensure that you reach your goal guaranteed. We have proven track record of success with plentiful of satisfied clients. With NextBee you can transforms your relationship with your brand advocates.

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